Live Baccarat Squeeze Banker Bet Winning Odds and House Edge

Baccarat is a very popular game. Every casino in the world almost always provides this type of game and always filled by the bettors. People love the game of Baccarat as it has a low house edge sting compared to other gambling games. Learning the live Baccarat squeeze banker bet winning odds and house edge has its advantages.

If you have not ever heard of Baccarat Squeeze at Best Malaysia Live Casino & Online Gambling Site, then you do not know the pleasure of the baccarat. In the game of baccarat squeeze, you are allowed to do the squeezing. Squeezing card is the process shows part of the picture cards without showing the numbers on the card. Surely it can increase your chance to win in the game.

Live Baccarat Squeeze Banker Bet Winning Odds and House Edge

In the game of baccarat squeeze, Squeezing done only when the third card withdrawal since it determines the result. As described previously, the ultimate pleasure in playing baccarat at the time was none other than squeezing the third card because it can bring tension before the game result is revealed. However, not all cards will be Squeeze. Only those who have accumulated bets, it could be player or banker who may be able to squeeze the card.

The overall rule of Baccarat is similar to traditional baccarat game at Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia, which you must bet on which side – the player or the banker – who will obtain the card that comes closest to a value of 9. Baccarat squeeze typically to use 8 decks of cards on each containing 52-card deck. Each card has a value corresponding to the value of the numbers on the card. Exceptions exist on the cards 10, J, Q, K, which has a value of 0 and an Ace which has a value of 1.

Determining the winner of the game is done by counting the cards owned by the banker and player. If the amount exceeds 9, then the value that will be included is just the last unit digit. If the card is owned by Player is 6 and 8 it should amount to 14. However, because what counts are the value of the last unit alone, the total value is just 4.

Live Baccarat Squeeze Banker Bet Winning Odds and House Edge
Live Baccarat Squeeze Banker Bet Winning Odds and House Edge

Bet Winning Odds and House Edge

As in other types of Baccarat game, Baccarat Squeeze makes you can bet on the victory of the Player, the Banker, and a draw. Such bets will give different scores of the victory. If you bet on the player who wins the game and the player wins, you are paid 1: 1. Also, if you bet on the Banker and it turns out the banker wins, then you will pay 0.95: 1. If the result of the game is a tie and you bet on it, then you will be paid with the odds of 8: 1.

Due to squeeze baccarat game has rules similar to traditional baccarat game, the house edge is owned equally. If you forget the house edge of the baccarat game, then we will help explain. If you bet on the player, then the house edge bet is 1.06 percent. So if you bet on the banker, the house edge of your bet is 1.24 percent. Lastly, if you bet on the value of the tie, then the value of your house edge bets amounted to 14.36 percent.

If you notice, the value of house edge that is owned by the squeeze baccarat games is relatively small compared to other games such as Roulette which reached 2.8 percent. Also with Caribbean Stud Poker which reached 5.22 percent. This is exactly what became one of the attractions of bettors to play baccarat squeeze.

Therefore, what are you waiting for? Go to feel the thrill of playing Baccarat at Live Casino Gambling Games And Best Free Bets Website as you can experience in real casinos by playing Baccarat Squeeze.

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